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One of the hardest tasks for marketers in the steep competition of the digital age is to build and retain brand awareness. With so much the clutter when it comes to consumer ads, marketers must continually look to new communication mediums in order to capture their customers’ attention. Think about the last time you really looked at your customers. What was the one thing all of them had in common? The answer is simple: a cell phone.

In addition to the challenge of getting a brand message out and into the minds of target consumers, marketers may feel that it’ is hard to control the messages that consumers receive. Gain that control by pin pointing the specific channels that allow your marketing team to manage the brand message that your clients hear. Utilizing Opt It’s text message marketing tool is one of the most powerful ways to do this. (No one can spray paint over this ad!)

Almost every message sent to your consumers can be customized within the Opt It software, allowing you to brand each message that customers opt in to receive. The keyword you choose appears at the beginning of every message they receive, so your company name is present in every message they get from you.

More importantly, the content you put into the message, as well as the tone you take when composing the messages, will concisely (in 160 characters) remind your members that:

  • You still exist!
  • Your brand image is something they relate to.
  • You are thinking of them- and you have a special offer to meet their specific needs.
  • You now offer a new product or service, or you have improved upon your current offering
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