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Last week, comScore , a renowned digital market research company, released its findings on mobile usage throughout the third quarter of 2010. We discussed second quarter results earlier this year in the blog post titled “Mobile Content Usage Continues to Raise.” Third quarter results only confirm the conclusions made in July; mobile content usage shows no sign of slowing down.

Survey results show that text messaging continues to be the leading form of communication and interaction for cell phone users. Sixty-seven percent of American mobile device owners now use text messaging, up by 1.4 percentage points from last quarter. Usage of all mobile device functions has increased, exemplifying the continuously growing popularity of the device. The evolution of the cell phone functioning only as a speaking devices into one that people communicate with in all sorts of ways proves that mobile device usage is not a trend, but a new way of life.

The number of people using browsers and downloading apps also increased, however, it’ is important to note that the amount of consumers with browser and Smartphone capability is still a minor portion of the entire U.S. cell phone population. Two hundred thirty-four million people in the U.S. own cell phones, and only 58.7 million of those have Smartphones, according to comScore. That number represents’s only 25 percent of the market.

Our conclusion stands: if you’re trying to target any consumer, contacting them via cell phone is a sure fire way to reach them. For highest success rates, communicate with them through text messages, not via an application.

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