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MMS Messaging

Bring your campaign to life with a rich media experience

MMS is the mobile messaging tool that enables you to send rich media content directly to the mobile devices of consumers who have requested it.

MMS messaging drives results that no other communication medium used today can compare to. You can expect more opens, redemptions, and forwards by creating compelling brand stories using rich media to increase ROI for your marketing initiatives.

Opt It, Inc. is the leader in mobile messaging (SMS & MMS) allowing businesses to create, deploy, manage and measure their mobile campaigns, all while reaching today's mobile consumers in real time utilizing a device they have with them all day — their mobile phones.

Advantages of MMS

MMS messaging provides a rich media experience Pictures, videos, and audio files will bring your campaigns to life. This will increase the number of views, conversions, forwards, and response rates for your mobile messaging programs by using creative assets you already have. An additional benefit of using rich media is better control of your messaging to ensure a better overall presentation.

MMS is already available on SMS enabled devices Virtually all mobile phones are capable of sending & receiving MMS messages. On top of that, consumers are already using these features every day with no additional apps or software to download on their mobile phones to receive your rich media content.

MMS and SMS are billed the same by the carriers Because the carriers do not distinguish between SMS and MMS on a messaging plan, there are no additional fees for receiving pictures, videos, or audio files. The only time consumers would see an additional charge would be if they went over their allotted messages or clicked on a link in a message.

MMS messages can be sent to existing SMS databases If you already sending SMS to an existing database, then you can begin sending MMS to your existing databases right away. No longer will you need to figure out how to get your message in 140 characters or less. Let the pictures, video and additional characters tell your story the way you want to.

MMS has higher redemption/response rates We have all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This has never truer than when looking at MMS messaging. By incorporating rich media into your messaging programs, you can bring them to life in a way that no other mobile channel can, which will increase response rates dramatically.

MMS Messages get forwarded and shared By incorporating rich media messaging into your database building and marketing programs, not only will you be able to reach the consumers that see your call to action and respond, but also all of the people they forward the message to - at no cost to you.

MMS is permission based There are two groups that oversee the mobile messaging space: The CTIA and the MMA. Their guidelines, best practices, and audits ensure that programs are permission based. Because of this, the consumers participating in your programs have provided permission and are not purchased lists, giving you piece of mind that these are fans of your brand and you are building a valuable database for current and future marketing initiatives.

MMS is two-way Not only can you send rich media to your subscribers, they can now send in pictures and videos to play an active role in their experience with your brand. You can count on increased engagement and brand loyalty by allowing consumers to participate in contests and promotions. Another advantage is the ability for a consumer to send in a picture or video to help explain a problem or customer service issue they are having. By incorporating pictures and videos into the customer service experience, you can take it to a whole new level of real time interaction.

MMS delivers a branded mobile experience When using MMS, you are sending rich media directly to the device of the recipients that is with them or next to them even while they are sleeping. This rich media experience is much more compelling than an email or simple SMS message. Tell your story through pictures and videos, not just words.

MMS can do more Enhanced capabilities allow rich media to be incorporated into the text message. Additional characters also give you more room for a call to action that gets attention. Because the content is sent directly to the mobile device as a text message, there are no additional charges other than a text message against your customer's unlimited messaging plan. There is no need for a Wi-Fi connection or any data usage to view a picture, video or listen to an audio file when using MMS.

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