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For loyal Opt It customers, it’s easy to see the value that text messaging brings to the marketing and communication of a product or service, or even the entire brand itself. It’s pretty simple to understand the impact that sending a text message right before the dinner hour means to restaurants or the power of a reminder text to patients has the day before an appointment for doctors. However, after a while the question becomes, how do I keep my texting campaign fresh in the eyes of customers?

Solution 1: Vary the content of your text messages. For example, if a restaurant is always sending out a message with its lunch specials, it should instead promote a breakfast or beverage item every couple of texts so that customers do not get accustomed to a certain schedule.

Solution 2: Use the Reports section of Opt It Mobile to monitor the activity of your campaign. For example, you can track the time of day that the majority of people text in. If you know your business gets the highest amount of opt ins at noon, you should send a text with a special pertaining to that hour. (For instance, a salon might send out a special for a half hour manicure to take advantage of the lunch crowd.).

Solution 3: Vary the tone, structure, content and words of all your messages so that each one seems unique and special. A simple way to accomplish this is by drafting your message in a Word document and using the Thesaurus to look for word substitutes.

Solution 4: Every once in a while (perhaps every 2 months or so), surprise your loyal text list with a special coupon they simply cannot resist, one that they will be sure to forward on to friends and family. This could be something like a “buy one get one free” offer, or a significant percentage of discount off on a service. Not only will this keep people on your list, it will keep them looking at all of your messages in between your irresistible offers.

Solution 5: Use the sub-keywords feature to really segment your list. This allows you to narrow down your customers’ interests and send them messages directly aligned with those interests.

Solution 6: This ties into solution 5. Use a sub-keyword to track the functionality and usefulness of your various marketing forms. For example, add a call to action into a newspaper advertisement (such as “text KEYWORD to 46786 to get a mobile coupon”), and you’ll be able to track the amount of people that actually engaged with your ad. This keeps you informed about the value of specific ads and whether the cost justifies the result produced. The information you’ll obtain from being able to generate and analyze reports on your sub-keywords helps your organization figure out the most valuable and effective marketing mediums.

Get creative and come up with your own ways to keep clients excited about receiving your texts.

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