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Opt It Mobile Features

When it comes to text message marketing, having the right tools to execute your plan is the key to success. Powerful and intuitive features can make a world of difference with a software application that you use on a daily basis. Below is a list of the most commonly used features that Opt It Mobile has to offer.

Mobile Messaging

Subscription Groups and Alerts
People can opt-in to groups via web, phone or our software to instantly receive coupons, offers, promotions, discounts or breaking news.
Mobile Coupons
Attract new customers or reward your best customers with mobile coupons. Include redemption codes, expiration dates and URLs to track redemptions.
Schedule Messages for Future Delivery
Automate the delivery of your messages by scheduling messages to be delivered at a future date and time.
Create compelling auto-responses that cause customers to react and take action. Include an offer with a subscription or one-time content.
Personalization Fields
Insert data fields into your messages to give them that personalized touch. Include a dynamic date to give your offer with an expiration date.
Use keywords to run multiple programs. Setup one or many keywords for subscription groups, contests, voting, auto-responses, message forwarding and segmenting your users.
Run contests to reward loyal customers or drive traffic. Select winners in a variety of ways and create custom message flows.
Send Alerts from your Phone
Securely send a text message from your phone to your entire member list or a segmented part of your list.
Receive replies from Your Members
Receive replies from your members to update their demographic information, segment them further, receive general business intelligence, gather feedback or RSVP for an event.
Redemption Codes
Insert unique or general codes into messages to redeem offers. Track these codes in your POS system to measure redemption.
Custom Message Flow
Configure the message flow to match your business need. Send an offer with a new subscription, chain messages to gather feedback or forward messages to a third party system for a response.

Social Media

Custom Web Widgets
Use our do-it-yourself widget generator to create customized web widgets to embed in your web site. Customize the widget to match your brand and include data fields to collect additional demographic data.

Two-way communication

Reply to Member Messages
Reply to a messages or send a message to one member with an easy-to-use interface. Answer or ask questions, supply additional information or send a personal text to individuals.
Send Targeted Messages to Individual Contacts
Create targeted messages to send to special customers. Target these users based on location, age, gender or interests.
Route Inbound Messages to your Inbox
Create rules to route inbound messages into your inbox. Carry on a two-way conversation through our web interface and track the history.

Segmenting Your Data

Use sub-keywords to segment your members into targeted lists. Sub-keywords are a great way to expand the functionality of your account at no cost.
Querying Message Recipient List
Run queries against your message recipient lists to send targeted messages. Query by birthday, age, location, interests, message history, signup-date and more...
Interests and Grouping
Group your customers into interests. Group them based on demographics, message history, location and more. Use interests to send targeted messages.


Customized Reports
Create customized reports to track your mobile activity. Query based on an exact timeframe and only include the fields that you are interested in.
Export reports
Export your reports into three easy formats: XLS, CSV and XML.
Get a quick snapshot of your activity on your dashboard and drill down to view details. The dashboard will give you aggregate stats of the most common activities.
Filter Result Sets
Filter your data to create the exact report that you need. No more wasting time sifting through useless data.
Real-time Reporting
Watch your mobile activity in real-time. Track subscriptions, contest entries, votes, feedback and more...


Manage Contacts
Manage opt-in, opt-outs, message history, segmentation and subscriptions. Control all aspects of a members record from one easy-to-use interface.
Export your data on any page into one of the following formats: XLS, CSV or XML.
Delegate your tasks by creating individual accounts for each of your staff. Limit what they can do by setting up permissions for each sub-account.
Create filters on all data sets to get the exact information that you need. Use a Default Filter or create you own and save it for later use.

Integration & Developers

Use our RESTful API to connect to your account. Build web widgets or applications on top of our platform or integrate into your back office system.
Dedicated Short Codes
Let us acquire and host a dedicated short code for you. Use this short code in your account to create a better user experience and differentiate you from your competitors.
Forwarding Messages to a 3rd Party
Forward your inbound message traffic to a URL or web service to track activity, generate custom message responses or query a third party database.

Platform & Support

Web-based Software
No downloads, no installs, no heavy lifting. Accessible over the Internet 24x7. Safe, secure and backed-up. We manage everything for you.
We have backups of backups of backups plus more. We know this is a utility and we treat it like one.
Help Section
Full help section to walk you through your questions and get answers on your own. Trouble shoot your issues on your own time or just ask us.
The greenest most effective marketing channel today. Don't hurt the earth, help it by text messaging.
Secure Data
We know the importance of your data and we keep it secure. We protect it with the latest technologies and techniques.
Expansive Frequently Asked Questions section to answer to the most common of questions.
Tutorial Videos and Webinars
Watch our tutorial videos or register for one of our webinars. We will show you just how easy it is to use our software.
Support and Training
Use one of our many online support tools or contact us directly to answer your questions. Ask your support rep about one on one training.

Now that you can see what Opt It Mobile has to offer, sign up for a FREE 30 day trial and start your text message marketing programs today.

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