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Text Message Marketing with Opt It for Brands and Agencies

Opt It is deeply experienced in working with various brands and agencies on behalf of their clients. The low cost and extremely effective use of text messaging marketing with Opt It increases business and brand awareness for your clients. Here's how Opt It Mobile helps you do just that:

Brands large and small are using the mobile channel as a customer relationship management tool to build their opt-in database and inspire consumer loyalty, and that trend will increase exponentially in 2010.

(Mobile Marketer, Mobile Report 2010, Mobile database/CRM initiatives to drive sales)

Increase brand awareness

Get the word about a new brand directly into the hands of potential customers.

Generate demand for your clients

Spread the word about upcoming offers, promotions and contests and update interested prospects weekly.

Market research

Tell your client exactly what their customers think of their brand by conducting a survey or using Opt Its analytics tools.

Target only those members that want to receive your info

Our tool requires members to opt-in to receive your messages, so advertising budgets are spent wisely.

Incorporate Opt It into your clients marketing mix

Add a text call-to-action to your printed, radio, and TV ads.

Track the success of your clients campaign

Use Opt Its reporting analytics tool to measure the amount of people engaging in the campaign.

Environmentally friendly

Save a few trees from being turned into pamphlets by simply sending out the information to your clients customers phones.