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Text Message Marketing with Opt It for the Bar and Nightclub Industry

There's no more powerful tool than text message marketing when it comes to reaching customers, especially in the bar and nightclub industry. Here's how text message marketing with Opt It can benefit your client relationships and take them to the next level:

…text messages are simple and firmly integrated with consumers' daily lives. Your text message and branding sits there right among conversations with family and friends. With this kind of cut through, a targeted text message, such as a relevant mobile coupon, can generate consumer interest quickly.

(Adweek, March 31, 2010, Forget Apps, Text Still Reigns in Mobile)

Reach your members immediately

On a slow night, send out a VIP deal and watch as people walk in the door.

Age gate

Ask your members for their birthday before they can even receive your messages.

Send out exclusive invites and offers

Make your VIP list feel special and let them know about exclusive events and specials before anyone else.

Spread the word about upcoming events

Get members to commit to events well in advance to help with planning.

Generate a guest list for the door

Have members RSVP through text and generate a VIP list for the doorman to check.

Incorporate text messaging to your marketing mix

Combine this tool with your printed ads, emails, Facebook, MySpace, TV and radio ads and track the success of these campaigns.

Obtain pertinent demographic information

Use our sign up form widget to gain information such as customer birthday and send them a special on that day.

Track the success of your mobile campaign

The software provides you with statistical information regarding the activity associated with your text campaign.

Target only those members that want to receive your info

Our tool requires members to opt-in to receive your messages, so advertising budgets are spent wisely.