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Faith-based organizations are the latest industry to wholeheartedly embrace text messaging as the most convenient and instantaneous communication medium available.  Churches, mosques, and synagogues alike have been signing up for Opt It Mobile 3.0 because they realize that their audience depends on cell phones, especially the younger generation, and that there’s no better way for them to reach their members. Being able to communicate on a large scale, as well as a one-on-one basis, has definitely caught their attention.

These organizations have also noticed an increased use of text messaging as the primary form of communication among their members. Opt It customers send prayer reminders, Bible and Qur’an quotes, donation requests, enhanced outreach efforts, community updates, and religious event notifications via text and have witnessed a great deal of acceptance within their religious communities.

Priests have gotten creative and have sent out a polling text before a sermon and have used the results to gear the conversation towards solving parishioner’s problems. In addition, priests, rabbi’s and imam’s can also use this tool to ask their congregation for suggestions of discussion topics. One Opt It client sends a motivational message every morning to subscribers, while others use it to send updates about an ill member and requests for prayers.

Religious organization members like Opt It’s tools because they feel they have more control over the topics and the manner that religious topics are discussed, allowing them to better engage their members. Opt It Mobile essentially allows our client’s members to feel more control over their religious experience, and stay in the loop regarding faith-based events.

Set up a free trial and experience the positive reception of your congregation’s members.

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