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Now that the holidays have passed and the New Year is coming, families will begin to find ways to escape the cold weather and the winter blues. Some will plan a trip to Florida or Mexico, others will take up a new sport, and still others will try a new hairstyle, just to spice things up.

Many hair salons have tried text message marketing already, and have gained and retained customers because of it. Many of our hair salon business clients have shared their tried and true texting tips and advice, and we thought it would be helpful to pass some successful suggestions along to you:

    Offer an irresistible freebee: Consider one that isn’t necessarily a product or service of your own. Think of how many interested customers you’ll attract by offering a free IPod or IPad. For example, “Text HAIR to 46786 for the chance to win a FREE iIPod!” A campaign such as this, which will motivate people to sign up for your list, can be run a couple of times. After the first winner, take a picture of them with the prize and add it to the ad. The Opt It contest keyword type is perfect for this type of a promotion, and will allow you to build your list quickly.
    Don’t bombard them: Once you establish your list and it continues to grow, the question becomes, how often should you text your clients? Anything more than 4-6 a month will result in an increase in opt out rates. Varying the day and time of day that you send a text is helpful, because it keeps your customers guessing as to when they might receive a message.
    Know your audience: Try creating different sub lists for customers that you know prefer specific hair products. For example, you can have a HAIR CHI list for people who prefer CHI products, as well as a HAIR LOREAL list for those who like L’Oreal, and so on, for any of your products or services.
    Send out TRUE deals: To inspire your customers to run into your location, you must offer something truly different and unique. Eventually your competitive advantage concerning location or atmosphere will expire, but the one thing people will never say ‘no’ to is something free. A text like “Come in for a hair cut today and receive a free travel size shampoo and conditioner set!” is sure to get folks choosing your salon over your competitors’!

If there is anything we have missed here or if you have any suggestions to share, feel free to send us an email with your thoughts and we’ll update this post.

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