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You can call it “mobile marketing.” Or perhaps “text message marketing.” Or even simply just “text messages.” But I bet you never thought to call it “health messages.” Regardless of the new terminology, that’s precisely what some text messages have turned into- messages containing information to help you be a healthier person.

Take the federal government for example. The White House launched a free text message campaign for expectant mothers this year called “text4baby”. Via this program, messages are sent out containing information such as health tips, appointment reminders, and recommendations for community resources, all timed to a woman’s due date. These messages continually enforce prevention, reminding pregnant women to make prenatal care a top priority. (Find out more at: .)

Some government sponsored hotlines have noticed spikes in calls linked to the text4baby campaign. The system was especially useful during a recent sudden recall of a popular infant medication. A quick message was sent out about the medical recall and in one click, thousands of mothers were notified of a potential danger to their children.

The White House isn’t the only organization that can use texts for this admirable cause. Any hospital or community center can start sending health tips or work out reminders, especially after the holiday season, when everyone will feel colder and less motivated. Employers in any industry can encourage healthy habits, and possibly reduce healthcare costs among employees by sending tips to encourage exercise, healthy eating or other lifestyle choices.

Mobile health technology is yet another extension of Opt It Mobile. No matter what your industry, consider how a health-related campaign might work for you and the folks you want to reach. After all the holiday overindulging, your recipients are sure to appreciate your text reminders.

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