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There’s one aspect of Opt It Mobile 3.0 that we feel is extremely useful and helpful for any type of organization that simply doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s available to every Opt It user and it simplifies and increases your ability to communicate with your employees. You’ve probably already guessed what it is: send them a text message!

Setting up a keyword specifically for the purpose of communicating with your staff members can help any business owner in a number of situations. One example is when one employee in unable to attend work at the last minute. With our tool, you can instantly send out a text message to all of your employees asking them to come in and cover the shift. Sending a text like this is more effective than sending an email that people might not read in time and it saves you the effort of calling people to come in. Since almost 95 percent of all text messages are read, you can almost guarantee that all of your employees will see your important message.

You can also set up keyword or sub keywords for employee team communication. For example, let’s say that you have a team of 5 people working on the same project and they want to ensure that all members are aware of all communications that take place among team members. This way anytime a message is sent to a particular person, all members can see it and remain up to date on the project status.

The possibilities of using Opt It for communicating with your employees are endless. Sending text message reminders to your staff will ensure that they make it to all business meetings and conference calls on time. Some companies send electronic text pay stubs to their employees, notifying them that their pay check has been deposited into their accounts. Others use the tool to help motivate traveling sales teams by updating them on current sales figures and keeping them aware how their current sales relate to their goals.

The best way to see your employees’ acceptance of this tool is by simply testing it out. Opt It’s free 30-day trial is the ideal way to start testing.

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