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There’s one aspect of Opt It Mobile 3.0 that we feel is extremely useful and helpful for any type of organization that simply doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s available to every Opt It user and it simplifies and increases your ability to communicate with your employees. You’ve probably already guessed what it is: send them a text message!

Setting up a keyword specifically for the purpose of communicating with your staff members can help any business owner in a number of situations. One example is when one employee in unable to attend work at the last minute. With our tool, you can instantly send out a text message to all of your employees asking them to come in and cover the shift. Sending a text like this is more effective than sending an email that people might not read in time and it saves you the effort of calling people to come in. Since almost 95 percent of all text messages are read, you can almost guarantee that all of your employees will see your important message.

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Two recent articles regarding communication caught my attention this week, both pertaining to the restaurant industry. I thought I’d share them with you and give you friendly, hardworking restaurant owners some insight about how restaurants are using text message marketing to not only increase revenue, but also to improve employee relations and motivation.

A May 2010 survey conducted by Harris Interactive discusses the level of consumer interest in receiving text alerts, with the majority of respondents opting for messages received from the restaurant industry. Interest varies by age, but with 18-34 year olds showing a 44 percent interest in text alerts and 35-44 year olds reporting a 29 percent interest, it seems advertising in the form of text alerts is a natural fit for this age group.

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The article goes on to explain that the most desired text alerts are coupons and promotions, so restaurant owners and managers can save some money, and a few trees, by skipping printed ads and simply send a mobile coupon.

It’s not just your customers that are waiting for a text from you – your employees are, too! This week Nation’s Restaurant News reported that major restaurant chains, such as Auntie Anne’s, are tapping into text messaging not only to communicate with customers, but to communicate with employees as well. As Which Wich sandwich shop owner T.J. Schier puts it, “You need to get into the world of your employees in order to reach them.” Managers and owners are now using text blast services like Opt It Mobile 3.0 to send schedule changes, meeting reminders, and even accolades. The main reason restaurant managers have chosen this form of communication is because they know their employees will always get the message and even text back, whereas trying to get a response from a phone call or email can be rough. If you’re a restaurant owner and you still haven’t tried text messaging as a major form of communication for your business, it’s time to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon.