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Here at Opt It, we’ve been adding new buttons and features left and right in order to make your text message marketing campaign easier to manage and utilize. Another new option that we would like to highlight for you is one that will help enormously when scheduling messages for future delivery.

In order to find this new option, simply click on the grey Send Text Message button in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring you to the screen where you can customize the message you would like to go out. Once you have chosen which keyword the message should go out from and the interest and recipient groups, you will find the Delivery options. Click on SCHEDULE Message for Future Delivery, and below the date and time options you’ll now find an option that reads: Add all new subscribers to message. By clicking on this option, all new members added to your list between the time you hit send and the future date that the message is sent, will be added as recipients of this message.

When should you use this new option? It depends on the content of the message and your intentions. For example, if it’s a Thursday morning and time to schedule all of your weekend messages to go out, you’ll want anyone that joins on Friday or Saturday to receive these messages as well. In this case, by checking the new option, you’re allowing all new members to receive these messages. However, if you are scheduling a message to go out to a select group of individuals that have been on your list for over a year and the message you are sending them contains an extremely valuable coupon, avoid checking this option in order to reseve this special message for long term, loyal customers.

It’s now easier than ever to pre-schedule your text messages, making your text message marketing campaign a portion of your marketing and business efforts that requires little effort, yet obtains great results. If only all things in life where this simple.

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