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Mobile Marketer recently published the findings of an Insight Express presentation regarding mobile and online advertising. Given that there are only fourteen days until Christmas, what you are about to read may just inspire you to update your holiday marketing strategy. According to Mobile Marketer, results of a recent study clearly indicate that mobile ads are four-to-five times more effective than online advertising.

How exactly did the study measure this? Good question. InsightExpress focused its study on tracking unaided awareness, aided awareness, ad awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent, as well as online mobile outperforms. Across all of these measures, mobile ads caught and kept consumers’ attention better and longer, all the while increasing purchase intent as well.

Ad awareness for online ads was 6 percent, while mobile ads caught users’ attention 15 percent of the time, more than double the online amount. Message association was at 3 percent for the online crowd, whereas 14 percent of mobile ads were associated with the correct company. Most notable, purchase intent for online ads was a disappointing 2 percent. Compare this with the 12 percent purchase intent for mobile ads, and, you get the picture. Mobile advertising is simply much more effective for capturing consumer’s attention and getting them to purchase your product or service.

Why is this? Another good question. A mobile ad has the capacity of 160 characters in a text message, and a concise size even when in the form of an ad on a mobile phone with internet. In addition, this marketing medium is still fairly new, so there’s no clutter for consumers to deal with. Because of this, your ad gets most or even all of your consumer’s attention, heavily influencing their shopping decisions. In addition, shopping behaviors are simply changing. It’s easy to walk into a store and quickly look up a mobile coupon or ad on your cell phone. It’s harder to do this with your home computer or laptop. In fact, 82 percent of consumers admitted to using their cell phone while in a store- what an opportune time to grab their attention!

One particular demographic group is particularly keen on using mobile ads and coupons: men ages 25-34. If this group of tech savvy males is among your target markets, you should definitely not miss out on this clear opportunity to grab their attention. Thirty four percent of males have walked into a store and showed a mobile coupon or ad and asked the clerk to help them find the item.

Take advantage of this new knowledge and get holiday shoppers in your store while there’s still time!

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