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These days, everyone manages and updates a large portion of their life online. Banking has gone digital, bills are paid electronically, and socializing is done by typing and uploading pictures in lieu of face-to-face interaction. We feel that your Opt It account should be no exception to the new digital age of online management. This is why we’ve made some enhancements to your software to empower you to manage your account more effectively and efficiently.

We have updated the ability to add a new keyword on your own, in seconds, within the software. The software will immediately check to see if your desired keyword is available, and you will be able to start sending text messages from the new keyword in minutes.

How do you do this? Scroll over the Mobile option in the menu bar and click on Manage Keywords. A list of your current keywords will be displayed. Above the list of keywords, you will see a button that says Add Keyword. Click here and a screen will pop up containing all of the options associated with adding a new keyword. You’ll have your choice of adding an internal name and adding the keyword to a campaign. You can also choose the billing plan type for your keyword, either per message or unlimited. You will be asked to select your keyword type (Contest, Forward, Response or Subscription).

Besides adding a new keyword and all the options that go along with it, you can also choose how it will remain or be changed. When you go into the Edit Keyword field, you will now see the option to edit the plan type that you are on. This is useful because as your list grows, the plan type that best fits your needs might change as well.

These new enhancements were added to create a more seamless interaction with your Opt It Mobile 3.0 account. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us for improving Opt It. We value your thoughts!

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