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The contents of a database are truly priceless, which is why many companies back them up on more than one server and why keeping the contents up to date and correct is essential. A mobile database, compiled of cell phone numbers, names, birthdates, zip codes, and personal interests, is extremely valuable and can help you reach your customers in a more effective way.

So how do you ensure you’ll get loads of people into your database and ensure the information you receive is valuable and correct? Great question. The answer is, by getting all of your employees on board with the initiative. They not only have to understand the process of taking the information, they also need to understand the VALUE of it.

Steve Madden’s recent mobile database success is a great example of this. They had a mobile campaign that encouraged consumers to text in JOINSTEVE to the Madden short code for the chance to win $100 Steve Madden gift card. When joining, consumers were prompted to answer questions regarding their interests.

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Last week, comScore , a renowned digital market research company, released its findings on mobile usage throughout the third quarter of 2010. We discussed second quarter results earlier this year in the blog post titled “Mobile Content Usage Continues to Raise.” Third quarter results only confirm the conclusions made in July; mobile content usage shows no sign of slowing down.

Survey results show that text messaging continues to be the leading form of communication and interaction for cell phone users. Sixty-seven percent of American mobile device owners now use text messaging, up by 1.4 percentage points from last quarter. Usage of all mobile device functions has increased, exemplifying the continuously growing popularity of the device. The evolution of the cell phone functioning only as a speaking devices into one that people communicate with in all sorts of ways proves that mobile device usage is not a trend, but a new way of life.

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The PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute released a study demonstrating the benefits that mobile technology offers in terms of healthcare. The healthcare industry is now packed with mobile devices designed to improve the standard of care and convenience for patients. Forty percent of the respondents surveyed indicated they would pay for mobile health care services.

Mobile technology is not only an aid to consumers, it’s also a new business category for those interested in improving and offering more options for preventative, acute and chronic care. There are already 10,000 medical and healthcare/fitness-related applications available for download to internet-enabled mobile devices, and consumers are catching on to the idea of being able to send data to doctors automatically.

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Inserting call-to-actions or text teasers, such as “text VIP to 46786 (IOPTN)”, into your ads is like injecting your ad with steroids. It takes a static print, radio or TV ad and introduces an interactive element to it. This makes your ad dollars work harder and allows you to get a better return on investment.

Once a person acts on your mobile call-to-action inside an ad, you create a dialogue with this person over the mobile channel. Now you have taken a static print ad and with no manual effort and have turned it into a direct one-to-one conversation with your customer. This conversation now enables you to ask your customer a question, offer them a special promotion or enter them into a contest. They are now interacting with your brand, which is invaluable.

The benefits of injecting your ads with text teasers are:

  • Brings your static ads to life. Your ads become interactive and give you more brand impressions.
  • Allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertisements. You can now measure how many people participated in your text program. In addition, by using multiple keywords or sub-keywords in different ads, you can track which ads are working harder for your campaign.
  • Customer acquisition is always on. As long as your ad is viewable, you have the ability to acquire new customers at their convenience.