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The New York Times recently published an article with new statistics regarding adult text messaging usage. Everyone knows that teenagers text, yet the fact that adult usage is continually increasingly is often overlooked and under reported.

Last year, 65 percent of American adults were sending and receiving text messages. That percentage has grown to almost three quarters of all Americans according to the most recent surveys. In his article, Frederic Lardinois of the New York Times reports that “about 50 percent of all adults who use text messaging send between 1 and 10 messages, 25 percent send between 11 and 50 messages a day, 10 send between 50 and 200 messages.”

Adult text messaging
An interesting fact for marketers regarding adult texting behavior is that 24 percent of the time, adults text message each other to report their location or to check where someone is. That means that a quarter of the adults at your location who text message are spreading the word about your business, and perhaps they may even include a worthy deal you are offering.

Statistics all say that 82 percent of American adults have cell phones, meaning almost all of them send and receive text messages. If you are considering entering the mobile marketing arena, you should know that it is not just teenagers whose fingers are flying all over a cell phone keyboard – adults text, too.

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