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Viral marketing- a variety of marketing techniques that have the ability to create a multiplier effect, is on the top of every marketer’s list of things to learn about or do this year, and for good reason. Viral marketing utilizes pre-existing social networks to increase brand and product awareness, usually with the goal of increasing sales. Word-of-mouth is one example, but the most perfect example of viral marketing is definitely text message marketing.

Any message that you send to your subscribers can be easily forwarded to their entire contact list. The trick to motivating your subscribers to do so is to give away a buzz-worthy offer or exclusive information that anyone would want to share with friends. You can even ASK them to forward on the message. An example of this would be:

“Come in by 08/10/2010 and receive buy one get one FREE pizzas! Offer won’t last long, forward this message on to share it with friends n family!”

Doing this will increase your brand’s reach exponentially. Let’s say your members list has 100 people. If only a quarter of them forward the message to a couple of their friends, your message has gone out to an additional 50 people that now have the ability to forward on your message again – you get the picture.

Take an item off your marketer’s to-do list by sending a great offer out today, and get ready to enjoy the benefits.

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