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Bottoms up! One of the headline stories on today is about the beer giant Heineken and its recent success utilizing an SMS campaign produced by Opt It’s mobile platform. Heineken displayed its creative marketing abilities last weekend in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Festival, where it created a call-to-action on all legal drinking age festival attendee’s wristbands. The wristbands concert goers to text the keyword GREENRM to 46786 for a chance to meet musical artists at the event.

One of Heineken’s marketing strategies is to target the music industry and fans, so creating this campaign allowed Heineken to reach their target audience in the mode of communication they prefer – and with an offer they couldn’t refuse. Tara Carraro, senior director of corporate communications at Heineken, said it perfectly,: “We use mobile technology for consumer promotions because it’s the fastest and simplest way for consumers to opt-in and participate. It’s very non-intrusive.”

The call-to-action was displayed not only on wristbands but also on video screens surrounding the music stages. Follow Heineken’s example and try utilizing multiple advertising channels to grab the attention of your customers. The campaign was focused on making sure the consumer experience was unique and memorable– a similar campaign can be created for you with the Opt It Mobile 3.0 Contest keyword setting.

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