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The contents of a database are truly priceless, which is why many companies back them up on more than one server and why keeping the contents up to date and correct is essential. A mobile database, compiled of cell phone numbers, names, birthdates, zip codes, and personal interests, is extremely valuable and can help you reach your customers in a more effective way.

So how do you ensure you’ll get loads of people into your database and ensure the information you receive is valuable and correct? Great question. The answer is, by getting all of your employees on board with the initiative. They not only have to understand the process of taking the information, they also need to understand the VALUE of it.

Steve Madden’s recent mobile database success is a great example of this. They had a mobile campaign that encouraged consumers to text in JOINSTEVE to the Madden short code for the chance to win $100 Steve Madden gift card. When joining, consumers were prompted to answer questions regarding their interests.

A few important things to note about this process: Each stores’ sales representatives asked consumers at the checkout line whether they wanted to win a $100 Steve Madden gift card. As you can imagine, few said no, and the sales representative was next to the consumer and could help them through the process of getting signed up for the list. They could also explain to consumers that they were not signing up for spam, rather to receive valuable coupons in the future. All of the questions that were asked during the text in and reply process were building a profile of each consumer’s specific preferences, whether for information on how to best wear a pair of platform shoes or for coupons on flats.

The result of this campaign was a 4 percent increase in the database within just 2 weeks. Our advice to you is to follow this example and get your entire team on board with your aim to build a solid database.

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