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You’ve probably heard that over 90 percent of text messages are opened. This is a statistic that is proven over and over again by numerous studies and is pretty much a matter of fact these days. For marketers and business owners new to SMS marketing, this fact is comforting and encouraging.

What will comfort newbie’s to the world of SMS even more is a recent finding in a SinglePoint research study. This study found that 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery! That’s truly amazing when you think about the possibilities this brings to your marketing campaign. If you own a restaurant and have a surplus supply of salad that needs to go by the end of the night, you have the comfort of knowing that if you send out a text message at 6:13pm, the moment that you realize the surplus exists, you could potentially have customers opening your doors at 7pm, showing their “free side salad with entrée” text message coupon you sent less than an hour before.

Compare this to email solicitations. Nowadays, most spam filters will keep an unsolicited email from ever reaching its destination. For the lucky few that do make it into your inbox, only 40 percent of these messages are actually read, according to SinglePoint.

Another SinglePoint finding indicates that 95 percent of existing mobile contracts have SMS built. This means chances are high that your target market will have SMS in their mobile contract, and your SMS marketing efforts have the ability to reach your consumers’ hands.

Studies show that as time goes by, 99 percent of text messages are read. Ninety-nine percent! There is literally no other marketing form that can say 99 percent of its ads or announcements are read. Mobile Marketer summarized these findings quite well when it said, “The universal accessibility and usage of SMS, combined with the ability to provide information in real-time, creates oppotunities for marketers.” Based on our experience here at Opt It, we’d add that in order to take full advantage of this opportunity, it must be matched by an imaginative creativity and an understanding of the tools on the market. Since Opt It Mobile 3.0 allows you to customize almost every message that your customers receive, it provides the full advantage you’re looking for; one that will allow your creative thoughts to fly directly to your target markets members’ inboxes.

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