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It’s perceived by some that luxury brands, by their very nature, would stay away from text message marketing campaigns. This is because most consumers and business owners alike still perceive text message marketing to be a medium to send out a coupon or a discount, an action that is contrary to the essence of a luxury brand. In reality, this is not the case at all- text message marketing actually works quite complementarily with luxury brands.

Take Cartier for example. Over the past holiday season they launched a campaign called “Winter Tale” to get consumers talking about their business and luxurious French watches. They used the keyword “FOLLOW CARTIER” for consumers to text into, and by doing so consumers received information on the brand’s seasonal offerings and knowledge of new products.

The most valuable thing that text messaging luxury consumers can offer is customer service and research. Consider texting your loyal male customers a week before their wedding anniversary with a reminder and a quick note about your current offerings. The same can be done for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. Follow up with customers via text a day or two after a big purchase to ensure proper fit and customer satisfaction. Use text to gain more knowledge on what customers want. For example, ask your customers to take a short “questionnaire” regarding their preferences in jewelry style so you can update them on preferred products when they become available.

The creativity of the questions you ask or the marketing pitch you send is in your hands. Opt It Mobile 3.0 simply offers the platform with which you can launch all these effective ideas directly into the palms of your wealthy target market.

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