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Since its inception in 2004, Opt It has offered a free 30 day trial to our customers. This length of time, 30 days, has been studied many times by Team Opt It, and the conclusion is always the same- the free 30 day trial has proven to be extremely beneficial to our customers in terms of their campaign development and overall understanding of how text message communication and marketing works.

Knowing this, we’ve decided to continue providing this free 30 day trial of Opt It Mobile 3.0 to all of our customers. Think of it as a courtesy period to learn about text message marketing and our industry-leading software.

The trial is free until one of the following occurs:

  • 30 days lapse
  • 100 members sign up

Once either of these situations occurs, your card will be charged the appropriate amount.

The free 30 day trial is not a demo account with limited accessibility to the software; you will have access to the full functionality of Opt It Mobile 3.0 and all of our Help documentations. You’ll be able to send an unlimited amount of messages during the 30 days, to up to 99 people, so you’ll really get a handle on consumer preferences of your offerings. You can also contact Support anytime, if needed.

During this period, we suggest that you take the time to customize your Opt It Mobile 3.0 account to meet your business’ specific needs. Doing this ensures that your campaign will practically run itself moving forward. We’re happy and proud to provide you with this opportunity to give our software a try.

Try it now!

-Team Opt It

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