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A new unsubscribe sequence was launched for Opt It subscription programs. We have penetrated various geographical markets and mobile phone users are starting to appear in more than one group on the same short code. In the past, when a user would try to unsubscribe by texting “STOP” to one of our short codes, they were being removed from all their subscribed groups. This was not the desired interaction by the user when they belonged to more than one group. Typically, the user only wanted to be removed from the group that they communicated with last.

To overcome this undesirable behavior, we have put the end user in more control over their experience. Now, if a user appears on more than one list we give them the option of which group they would like to unsubscribe from or to respond ALL for all groups. Again, this is only if a user is subscribed to more than one program on a shared short code.

This added feature was a result of feedback from our users. If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know – info at optit dot com.

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