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According to some recent reports, the economy may be showing the beginning signs of an upturn. For folks in the retail industry, this is great news. Adding mobile marketing to your retail business plan now is a powerful way to set your business apart as the economy moves forward. This low cost and extremely effective use of text messaging can drive business through the door during slow times and raise business to new levels as things turn around. Consider how adding Opt It Mobile can bring big advantages to you and your customers with ease.

As a retailer, it can be difficult to connect with your customers during tough economic times. With mobile marketing via Opt It Mobile, you’ll have the ability to communicate directly with customers that have given you permission to do so. With immediate release of information regarding limited time offers, specials on expiring inventory or new product and sales alerts, you’ll boost sales no matter what the economy is doing. Opt It Mobile offers features that allow business owners to track redemption on special offers and promotions. This instant customer connection allows you to increase incremental revenue, while reducing promotional costs and earning a higher return on investment.

We know this all sounds great, but how will it work? How can you put Opt It Mobile and mobile marketing to work for you? Our customers in the retail industry utilize Opt It features in a myriad of ways, such as contests, coupons for limited time offers and announcements and reminders for promotions and events. Targeted messages or value added alerts with lifestyle type content, based on the individual interests of your customers, can be sent directly and instantly. For instance, a running store might send alerts regarding stretching before and after runs, a hair salon could text information on managing hair in humid weather or a grocery store might send the latest news on healthy food choices. What’s more, retailers can use the Opt It Mobile platform to obtain customer feedback through text messaging.

In addition to the business advantages of mobile marketing, there are many benefits for your customers as well. Always privy to the latest promotions and special offers, your customers are ‘in the know’ when it comes to your business. Belonging to your VIP club gives them a sense of membership in your business’ community and ensures that they are getting special deals not offered to the general public. They’re also able to receive your information on the channel they prefer – their mobile device – eliminating the need to search for deals or clip coupons. They have everything they need to know about your business right at their fingertips.

Harness the power of mobile marketing with Opt It Mobile and add it to your retail business’ action plan. Your customers with thank you again and again.

Inserting call-to-actions or text teasers, such as “text VIP to 46786 (IOPTN)”, into your ads is like injecting your ad with steroids. It takes a static print, radio or TV ad and introduces an interactive element to it. This makes your ad dollars work harder and allows you to get a better return on investment.

Once a person acts on your mobile call-to-action inside an ad, you create a dialogue with this person over the mobile channel. Now you have taken a static print ad and with no manual effort and have turned it into a direct one-to-one conversation with your customer. This conversation now enables you to ask your customer a question, offer them a special promotion or enter them into a contest. They are now interacting with your brand, which is invaluable.

The benefits of injecting your ads with text teasers are:

  • Brings your static ads to life. Your ads become interactive and give you more brand impressions.
  • Allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertisements. You can now measure how many people participated in your text program. In addition, by using multiple keywords or sub-keywords in different ads, you can track which ads are working harder for your campaign.
  • Customer acquisition is always on. As long as your ad is viewable, you have the ability to acquire new customers at their convenience.

To join text TIPS to 46786

Are you looking for new ways to use text to grow your business? We have launched a new text message group that you can sign up for to receive information about how to use text messaging more effectively. We will be sending out tips regarding new ways to use text to get a better return for your dollars.  We will send one message per week and you can opt-out at anytime.  We are continuously discovering innovative ways to use text and want to share them with you.  After you have received a couple of messages, let us know what you think. Are they helpful? Would you like to receive more detail? Let us know and we can deliver what you need.

Standard message rates do apply.