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July’s issue of Nightclub & Bar Magazine creates a spotlight for one of Opt It’s loyal partners, Wicker Park Tavern. The article talks about how the partnership with Opt It and the establishment’s text message marketing campaigns have increased traffic for the hoppin’ Chicago bar. Wicker Park Tavern’s General Manager, Daryl Havrish, describes his reasons behind the choice to use mobile marketing. He talks in detail about the behavior of the bar’s clientele, whose fingers constantly switch from beer mug to cell phone. “One of the easiest ways to pull these technologically savvy bar-goers into your venue is reaching them by text” says Havrish, whose experience has taught him that mobile marketing is the most powerful way to reach his customer base.

Havrish talks about the beginning stages of the campaign, a point at which it was necessary to invest a bit more time into the marketing initiative. “I think it’s important for management to start these campaigns,” Havrish says. “But when it takes off, it’s OK to empower your staff to run them.” Delegating the responsibility to send out text messages to employees is simplified by Opt It’s software -you can edit security settings and assign only certain capabilities to employees. Also, the software allows you to pre-schedule messages, turning the task of creating a text message into one that can be done at any time during an employee’s shift, and it only takes a few seconds.

Not sure which member of your staff is best fit to take on your mobile campaign? Havrish recommends a seasoned and young member of your staff, who is fresh and focused, and your team here at Opt It agrees. Creating messages for your cientele that are original and animated is one of the most successful ways to keep them coming in the door. A young mind with an understanding of the preferences of your customers is ideal for the undertaking.

We’re firm believers in text message marketing campaigns and the numerous advantages of using texts over downloadable apps in the marketing world. A recent Adweek article urges businesses choosing between the two to stick with the undeniable reach and results that come with text messaging.

Why is texting superior you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with reach and usage. Juniper Research predicts that smartphones will account for only 23 percent of all new handsets sold per year by 2013. In comparison, nearly every cell phone in the U.S. is able to receive and send text messages. In addition, texting is an every day form of communication, so marketing with texts means reaching clients via their chosen medium. Texting allows businesses to contact customers immediately, wherever they are. What’s more, it doesn’t require customers to locate and download the latest app for information.

An October 2009 report from Strategy Analytics showed that only four to six mobile apps are typically used on an a consistent basis. Constantly competing with the most exciting and buzz-worthy apps available, brands lose out when older apps go unused or hit the recycle bin. In contrast, text messages are simple and reside within the prime real estate of the message list, among our daily conversations.

While there is definitely a time and place for apps, consumer contact and dialogue is maintained with text message marketing. It’s Opt It’s opinion that engaging customers for the long haul is the best way to generate return on investment.

Here at Opt It, we understand the power of text message marketing. Our experience allows us to harness this power for our clients and get them the results they need. It was no surprise to us when CTIA – The Wireless Association released survey results this week showing the continued growth of text messaging to be “explosive”.

The survey, which looked at the second half of 2009, determined that wireless data service revenues grew a whopping 25.7 percent from the second half of 2008 to the end of 2009. Text messaging continued its exponential growth, with more than 822 billion text messages sent and received on carriers’ networks during the second half of last year. This translates to 5 billion texts per day and an unprecedented opportunity to get your brand or business information in front of your customers.

As more folks make texting a part of every day life, launching a mobile marketing campaign for your business is the smart thing to do. The time is now to reach clients with ease, using the medium that they prefer and to give them the information they desire. The time is now to grow your business and your bottom line. Give us a call to hear more about how Opt It helps businesses like yours launch mobile campaigns and increase both your reach and your revenue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

No one can deny the popularity of the iPhone. Everyone’s had the experience of being at a gathering or party recently when a friend or co-worker has pulled out their iPhone just to demonstrate new functionality or the latest downloaded app. Its user-friendliness and sleek, sexy look are second-to-none. iPhone apps even have their own distribution channel built in, adding to a top-notch user experience. This next generation device is certainly an industry leader that is ahead of its time. But at Opt It, we’re concerned that the iPhone might not be the most effective venue for your mobile marketing campaign. Here’s why:

Currently in the U.S., 87 percent of the population has some sort of mobile device. Of that percentage, only 2.4 percent own an iPhone, limiting the reach of any business looking to establish a mobile marketing campaign. In terms of text message marketing campaigns specifically, texting can reach a whopping 98 percent of cell phone users, making it a very powerful marketing tool. When it comes to getting your important message to the largest audience, text messaging is the most successful tool available.

iPhone Applications Advantages

  • Next generation device securing its place as an industry leader.
  • Slick user interface design allowing for ease-of-use.
  • iPhone features allow applications to have a very unique user experience.
  • Apple has deployed a built in distribution channel for iPhone applications.

Text message marketing advantages

  • Text messages can reach 98% of cell phones in the U.S., which is 88% of the total U.S. population – only 2.4% of U.S. mobile phone users have an iPhone.
  • Text messaging is enabled on all phones bought today – no applications to download.
  • It is supported on all carriers – iPhone is only supported on AT&T (12% of AT&T subscribers have an iPhone).
  • Deployments on shared short codes can be immediate – no waiting for an application to get approved and loaded into the distribution channel.

Here’s the bottom line: when it comes to user experience and next generation devices, we here at Opt It love the iPhone. But for businesses looking to launch a mobile marketing campaign, text messaging is the most effective and immediate way to reach your audience, hands down.

Opt It’s new age gate feature allows customers to add a message or gate into their message flow that requires the end user to text back their date of birth in order to proceed. This feature is ideal for liquor or beer companies that must verify a user’s age in order to send special offers and promotions or to permit contest participation. Controlling entrance to specific groups allows businesses to meet all laws and requirements for age verification.

Here’s how the Opt It Mobile age gate feature works:

  • In an attempt to join your specific group, the user texts in any keyword, for example: LIQOUR.
  • The user will then receive a message stating, “You must be 21 to join this program – reply with your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY to join.”
  • The user responds via text “01181974″.
  • The user receives a message back stating that they have successfully joined the LIQOUR group.

Many Opt It clients have had great success with this age gate feature, such as Corona, who has launched campaigns such as contests, targeted event reminders and discounted offers around Cinco de Mayo, as well as the Kenny Chesney summer concert tour. Budweiser currently uses the age gate feature to ensure valid entry into many summer contests and promotions.

Contact your account manager regarding how you can apply the age gate feature to your business needs. Keep in mind that this feature is not available in your account by default, so talk with your account manager for more information.