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We are all familiar with SMS as a marketing and communication tool.  Now, MMS can be used to compliment your current SMS programs and drive greater results.  Opt It MMS provides the ability to send rich media (pictures, video & audio) messages to mobile phones of users who have given permission to receive messages.Passbook

You can now deliver MMS messages directly to mobile phones with no new software for consumers to download or install because these rich media files are delivered as a text message to their mobile phones.

In the report, “Create Mobile Moments With Messaging,” co-authored by Julie Ask, she said:

“Messaging is the most underutilized mobile technology or mechanism, as consumer expectations shift and they expect ever more relevant, timely, quick, efficient engagement from enterprises, messaging will become indispensable as a tool. Messaging today tends to be text, but don’t overlook that it could be colors, pictures, sounds and haptic signals.”

MMS messaging has many advantages over using apps or email to deliver your branded content to your subscribers. Marketers that leverage rich media messaging in their overall marketing and promotional strategy can expect to reach a highly targeted audience, increase consumer engagement, drive incremental sales, and build loyalty by delivering rich media content directly into the pockets of their audience.

Additional information on our MMS offering is available here.


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