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Who is the world’s best texter? We bet if you tried, you could surely think of someone in your life deserving of the title. However, did you know that there was recently a texting championship that gave this prestigious title to an official winner?

That’s right; the LG Mobile World Cup has turned text messaging into an internationally competitive sport. Participants from around the world gathered, stretched out their fingers, and texted their little hands off for a grand prize of $100K. The participants were from 13 countries and texted in 7 languages. Before the event, LG spent a lot of time researching the stroke value of words in different languages to ensure that the games were fair for all.

At the event, which looked like it could have taken place on the same set as American Idol, the crowd watched how well each team of two performed via a monitor that depicted teams as cars going down a race track.

The 2010 Worlds Champions were Christina and Jennifer Sales of Team Panama, who took home the grand prize of $100,000. In 2nd place was team Korea, and in 3rd place team Brazil.

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