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If you were a marketer 50 years ago, you were probably called a “sales person” and not a “marketer” and in actuality, you were most likely a telemarketer. If you were a marketer 25 years ago, you were doubtlessly fascinated by the idea of the Internet and spent your time creating large marketing promotions for TV and radio. If you are a marketer in this day and age, you have a lot more to keep track of. There’s the Internet, TV and video, and yes, the mobile phone.

Some interesting statistics were recently released by eMarketer regarding consumer time with media. The findings are not necessarily shocking, but they do appropriately support the fact that consumer attention is shifting away from not only newspapers, but also away from TV and on to the latest star gadget- the mobile phone.

Take a look at this chart which contains the results of a two year study by eMarketer analyzing the growth of each particular media communication median in terms of the amount of time consumers spent engaging with it. You can clearly see that the largest percentage of change in positive growth has been for the mobile phone, with 21.9 percent of consumers using it in 2008 and now 28.2 percent of US adults using their mobile phone for long periods of time. Lisa Philips, a Senior Analyst for eMarketer, shares her comments on the study’s results by saying, “In fact, time spent with mobile devices is rising faster than all other media.”. Time spent on the internet is somewhat stagnant with a slight decrease even, and results for users engaged with TV and video are plummeting.

Just as your fellow marketers had to do when the Internet Aage arrived, you must now also re-evaluate your marketing 4 P’s, particularly Place, and make sure your Promotion is looking your customers square in the eyes.

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