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A recent study by ABI Research found that 7 trillion messages will be sent worldwide this year. This massive number is a clear indication of a communication channel that marketers simply cannot ignore.

The study found that a large portion of these 7 trillion messages will be sent by the younger generations. Since these youngsters will inevitably replace the older generations, it is clear that text messages will not only remain but also grow as the prevalent form of communication in this and coming years.

Neil Strother, practice director at ABI Research, is quoted as saying that text messages are “the key communication tool of the modern era. It is a great place for marketers to communicate with consumers.” Quite frankly, he could not have said it any better. The great thing is that Opt It Mobile 3.0 is already available and ready to encompass any size marketing program your business would like to create in order to utilize this channel of communication to reach your consumers.

For your brand and company name, SMS is an easy way to speak to your customers. You can literally text your consumers when they leave your store to ask them how their experience was, and they can instantly text you back. Since only a small portion of consumers hold a smart phone, sending them a text message is the best way to ensure that you get in contact with everyone in your target market.

Go ahead – get started with a free trial and join the global, digital conversation that will happen virtually via 7 trillion messages!!

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