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After months of development and testing, sleepless nights and overdosing on Starbucks double shots, Opt It Mobile 3.0, or in human terms, our text message marketing software, has finally been released.

If you ask Team Opt It, what’s the best part about Opt It Mobile 3.0? In a world of complicated software and endless workarounds used to get business done, Opt It Mobile’s new release puts “simple” back into “solution”. The entirely revamped system is the most user-friendly text messaging application for businesses on the market today.

Here at Opt It, we take customer recommendations seriously. Suggestions from our customers, combined with a pretty impressive design and development team, has resulted in a great application. Throughout the process of building 3.0, our top priority was to create an intuitive system with ease-of-use that is second-to-none. We’re sure we’ve succeeded in reaching that goal and are proud to pass it along to you.

We understand that customers don’t need to spend endless work hours trying to figure out a complicated system. With Opt It, that won’t happen. You’ll be focused on what’s most important to you– reaching your customers and building revenue.

There’s a new feel to the Opt It software. As one novice user put it, “When I’m working with it, I know all the old functionality I love is still there, there’s just a more intuitive way of using it to my advantage.” The bottom line is – it’s easy to use. And with fresh features like our filters and Inbox functionality, it’s more effective than ever at helping you to launch and maintain a thriving text message marketing campaign.

We are more than excited to share with you all of the new capabilities and features you are now receiving by being a part of the Opt It family:

  • Increased Speed- Our newly updated platform to send out your messages is now even faster when sending, receiving and delivering your content.
  • Advanced Filters- We have introduced a new concept called Filters. In all parts of the software, it is now much easier to find specific information using filters, and you can save a filter that you use regularly to search data within your account with great speed and accuracy.
  • Message Clone- If you want to send the same message again to another keyword or group, just hit Clone by the recently sent message and it will automatically generate the message again so you do not have to re-type.
  • Send to Multiple Keywords- You can now send a message to multiple keywords, so if you have multiple locations that are offering the same special you can save some time and send the same message to all of your keywords.
  • Advanced Help Section- You now have 40 new pages of Support documents, all made to address specific questions and topics. Use these and save yourself time in getting your questions answered.
  • Assigning Members to Keywords- It just got easier to assign a member to a keyword- if you want to add a member manually, it is now a much easier procedure to do so.
  • Sign Up Form Widget- you can now set any of the optional fields you want to obtain from your customers as required, increasing the amount of information you can acquire through this process.
  • Phone Status- Now you can see the status of a members phone number so that you can monitor whether all of your members have good, working numbers. Delete the phone numbers that are no longer working to save money.
  • Message a Single Person- Now you are able to send a message to a single person, which comes in handy when someone responds to your message with a specific question. This really allows you to carry on a direct one-to-one conversation.

Stay tuned for more exciting details about Opt It Mobile 3.0.

Enjoy – Team Opt It