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For the average American man, the Super Bowl is a symbol of athleticism, team work, and also a great time to make some side cash betting on whether the Packers will beat the Steelers. For the average American women, the Super Bowl is a great excuse for a party that everyone is sure to attend, and a chance to swap cheese dip recipes. For marketers, the Super Bowl exists solely as a basis for the wonderful commercials and ad campaigns that go along side it.

Pepsi understands this, and had developed a multichannel mobile campaign for the event in order to capitalize on the number of eyes glued to the game. According to Mobile Marketer, the campaign included a mobile website, an application for smart phone users, a scan able QR code for a Pepsi coupon, and an SMS experience. All of these initiatives were publicized on all pieces of advertisement.

A key target group for Pepsi throughout this campaign was Latinos, a group that is accustomed to using digital media on their phones. Pepsi’s goal was to engage them in the Pepsi Super Bowl experience as much as possible. There was actually a specific site made for Latinos in Spanish, and a call to action keyword labeled “FAMILIA”. For those that opted in to the keyword in Dallas, six had a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl.

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New reports from the Pew Hispanic Center indicate significant differences between native-born and foreign-born Latinos and their technological usage. The largest difference was found in text messaging, with 83 percent of native-born Latinos, ages 16 to 25, using text messaging as their primary communication method, while only 56 percent of foreign-born Latinos claimed to do the same.

This technological divide extends to all forms of communication, from talking on the phone, to Internet and email usage. The explanation for the difference is unknown, but researchers speculate that language barriers, a small social network and the inability to afford an extensive cell phone plan, all contribute to the differences seen.

Young Hispanics influence their parents buying decisions as they are often the family translator and more technologically proficient when it comes to comparing prices and doing product reviews. If your customer base include some portion of the Hispanic population, knowing that 16 to 25 year olds influence family decisions helps you align marketing efforts to target an influential younger generation. In addition, taking your clientele into consideration and understanding that there are key differences between native-born and foreign-born Latinos can help you zero in on the most targeted marketing approach. With 83 percent of native-born Latinos using text messages to communicate, it’s a safe bet that reaching them through text message marketing is the way to go.