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Opt It has released a new tool for generating sign up forms.

This important feature release allows you to create customized sign up forms by selecting different options including colors, fonts, form size and data/interest fields. After you have selected all your choices, we will generate the HTML for you.  All you have left to do is plug it into your web site, blog, MySpace page, etc.  We have worked to make this as easy as possible.



You are free to create as many forms or configurations as you need.  One thing to remember is that we do not store your selections.  Instead, you can email all your selections to yourself along with the the code you generated.  This way, you can store a copy of your code in a safe place in case you need to re-use it at a later date. 


Another unique feature of this tool is the ability to add and insert interests into a form.  Interests are sub-groupings that allow you to segment your list into things that people are interested in – get it “interested in” -> interests.  By placing these interests into your sign up form, you are segmenting your list as soon as a new customers registers for your text list.  You can send that customer targeted promotions right from the beginning.  SMS is becoming more and more personalized and we will be sharing additional information about that in future posts.

So, give the new sign up form generator a try and let us know what you think.