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Here at Opt It., we work hard to ensure that we’re providing you with a product that meets your needs and has the capability to accomplish all of your creative marketing ideas. With that said, it takes a mindset dedicated to continuous innovation to recreate and improve Opt It Mobile 3.0 on an ongoing basis. We’re thrilled to introduce a feature that offers more options for your subscription keyword campaign, specifically regarding the Subscription Auto Response message, which is commonly known among Opt It customers as the “coupon message” that goes out when your customers first sign up to your list.

A common question among our customers is whether there is a way to control the amount of these “coupon messages” that go out when customers sign up for your list. Well, now there is! Say hello to the “Only allow Response Message to be sent once per phone number” option. By clicking this button, you choose to allow ONLY ONE Response Message to go out when one of your customers signs up to your list. This way, if your offer is such that you feel that a customer should only be able to use it once, you can click this option and know that each phone number will only get one.

Scroll over the Mobile option in the Red dashboard at the top of your Opt It Mobile account and choose Manage Keywords. Once within this screen, choose the keyword that you want to edit to have this option. Scroll over the particular keyword, and click on the Edit Keyword option (there will be a pencil icon next to this). The Edit keyword screen will come up, and then scroll down until you see the Subscription Auto-Response section. By writing in a message within this field, you are deciding to send out a Response Message when your customers sign up to be a part of your list for the first time. Above this message, you will now see an option that you can click on if you choose to, called Only allow Response Message to be sent once per phone number, which is pretty self explanatory (Please see the picture below). This option will allow you to ensure that each of your new customers receive the message once. This is beneficial when you have a particularly exclusive mobile coupon giveaway going on to attract people to your list, but you can only afford for each person to use it once.

We enjoy your feedback and truly take our customers’ ideas for our software into consideration, as you can see here. Feel free to contact us with any new ideas!

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