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Opt It Mobile Pricing

Per-message Plan

Great way to get started
  • $20/mo. per keyword + 2¢ per message
  • 2¢ per message for all inbound and outbound messages. Subscribe and unsubscribe messages are free.
  • Volume discounts available over one million messages per month.

Unlimited Plan

Great for high volume users
  • Starting at $50/mo. per keyword for UNLIMITED text messages
  • Send and receive unlimited messages for one flat fee, no more variable costs each month.
  • Based on the number of phone numbers subscribed to each one of your keywords.
    Detailed pricing …
  • NO setup fee and your account can include multiple keywords.
  • You own your data. We never rent or sell your phone numbers.
  • Shared or dedicated short code for sending and receiving messages.
  • Unlimited sub-keywords and interests to segment your mobile community.
  • Web based application for managing campaigns.
  • The ability for members to sign up from your website and their mobile phones.
  • Ability to schedule messages for future delivery.
  • Full 160 characters for sending messages - no ads.
  • Secure account for accessing your members and sending messages.
  • Weekly webinars: “Getting Started with Opt It Mobile.”

Account Guidelines

All accounts require at least one keyword. Keywords are 4-10 characters and cannot start with a number or have spaces.

All plans are month-to-month and require a credit card for billing. Fees will be charged on the 25th of the month for the following month's service.

Dedicated Short Codes and Advanced Features

Opt It is very experienced in working with the cellular carriers to obtain dedicated short codes on behalf of our customers. We guide you through the entire process of creating a unqiue campaign to drive results, getting your short code approved and testing and deploying your dedicated short code.

If you are looking for more advanced features, your own shortcode or a customized application, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Unlimited Plan Pricing, detailed

For unlimited plans, you are automatically upgraded to the next subscription tier with every 500 additional subscribed phone numbers.

Subscribed Phone NumbersPricing for Unlimited Messages
0 – 100$50.00/mo.
101 – 500$75.00/mo.
501 – 1000$150.00/mo.
1001 – 1500$225.00/mo.
1501 – 2000$300.00/mo.
2001 – 2500$375.00/mo.
2501 – 3000$442.50/mo.
3001 – 3500$510.00/mo.
3501 – 4000$577.50/mo.
4001 – 4500$645.00/mo.
4501 – 5000$712.50/mo.
5001 – 5500$780.00/mo.
5501 – 6000$847.50/mo.
6001 – 6500$915.00/mo.
Subscribed Phone NumbersPricing for Unlimited Messages
6501 – 7000$982.50/mo.
7001 – 7500$1,050.00/mo.
7501 – 8000$1,117.50/mo.
8001 – 8500$1,185.00/mo.
8501 – 9000$1,252.50/mo.
9001 – 9500$1,320.00/mo.
9501 – 10,000$1,387.50/mo.
10,001 – 10,500$1,455.00/mo.
10,501 – 11,000$1,522.50/mo.
11,001 – 11,500$1,590.00/mo.
11,501 – 12,000$1,657.50/mo.
12,001 – 12,500$1,725.00/mo.
12,501 – 13,000$1,792.50/mo.
Over 13,000Call 312-784-6400

Example: In your account you have three keywords and they each have 300 phone numbers.
Your monthly pricing would be $225.00 (3 * $75.00) for sending unlimited text messages.