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Text Message Software

Text message software is used to send out a text messages to one or many members who have opted-in to receive the information requested. Text message software provides the functionality for connecting to the carrier networks and executing text messaging programs. Text message software allows users to track the success of text message marketing campaigns, and it is the most cost effective way to reach a large group of mobile users directly on their mobile phones. Here are some examples showing how some of our customers are using text message software:

  • Retail stores deliver coupons that can be tracked by POS systems
  • Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs text time sensitive promotional offers
  • Newspapers leverage existing content to increase advertising inventory and revenues
  • Financial data is being customized and delivered in real-time
  • Businesses communicate updated schedules and announcements to employees
  • Mobile voting programs are incorporated into sponsorship programs
  • Text-to-win programs are used to distribute redeemable codes at web sites or physical locations
  • Demographic information is collected on-premise by event marketers using opt-in programs
  • Tradeshows drive traffic to keynote events, demonstrations, and booths

This sampling of uses for Opt It Mobile shows the power of text messaging for users of all kinds. To unlock the value of using text message software for your marketing or communication programs, contact us for innovative ideas that you may not have considered. We’ll learn more about your business objectives and demonstrate the ways in which text message software can create value in your business.

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